About US

CREAT belongs to the Faculty of Engineering of Università eCampus and it deals with the study of disciplines and technologies related to energy, environment and civil fields with the final scope of promoting a sustainable development.
In the energy field, the center aims at finding solutions to thermodynamic, fluid dynamic, design, environmental and technological issues of machinery and energy conversion systems.
With reference to the environment, the Center studies the aspects related to the impact of the industrial and civil sectors for the purpose of its rational conservation.
Within the civil field, the Center deals with the design and the analysis of structures and infrastructures, the protection of the territory from a hydraulic-geotechnical point of view and the conservation of cultural and landscape heritage.

The center is divided into three sections:

  • Environment, Structures and Infrastructures
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Mechanical Design and Technologies

having defined as objectives:

  • the promotion of the quality of the research within the sphere of competence of each section
  • the multidisciplinary collaboration among its members and with colleagues of other external research centers
  • the collaboration with the industrial sector and the support to public and private institutions for fostering a sustainable development
  • the increase of the research impact on our society through dissemination activities or the establishment and the development of academic Spin-off.