The Energy Efficiency and Sustainability section deals with the study of technologies connected with the generation, conversion, transport and end use of energy in the most varied sectors of use. The aim is to ensure sustainable development of present and future generations through the rational use of natural resources and the development of technologies and plant solutions with high added value.

More precisely, the section carries out research activities in the following thematic areas:

  • energy efficiency of buildings and well-being
  • renewable energies and innovative energy conversion systems
  • distributed generation and smart grids
  • plant engineering and industrial logistics
  • environmental impact of energy conversion systems
  • heat exchanges
  • environmental energy

In addition, the section works closely with companies, bodies of competence and stakeholders from the industrial world by offering various types of consultancy and support services such as:

  • energy audits in residential, industrial and agri-food sectors aimed at optimizing energy efficiency, economics and reducing the environmental impact
  • implementation of measurements chains for energy, environmental and industrial systems control;
  • support for technology transfer and research programs;
  • development of models and procedures that allow to evaluate heat exchange and energy conversion processes in order to optimize them;
  • energy and environmental assessments of complex systems

The following researchers refer to this section:
– Arnesano Marco
– Calabria Alfonso
– Capata Roberto
– Cioccolanti Luca
– Cosoli Gloria
– Del Zotto Luca
– Di Veroli Mario
– Infante Gennaro
– Manfredi Gioacchino
– Marchetti Barbara
– Micozzi Francesca
Moglie Matteo (contact person of the section)
– Moradi Ramin