The Environment, Structures and Infrastructures Section deals with the study and design of civil constructions, geotechnical and hydraulic engineering works, road infrastructures, the assessment and mitigation of natural risks and the landscape and representation aspects.

More precisely, the section carries out research activities in the following thematic areas:

  • innovative seismic protection systems for the design of structures and infrastructures and for the conservation of the existing ones; assessment of seismic vulnerability and seismic risk associated to the structures damage
  • mechanics and seismic capacity of masonry structures
  • reinforcement of concrete and masonry structures using innovative polymeric (FRP) and inorganic (FRCM) composite materials
  • project and built environment external quality
  • coastal and harbour engineering works
  • geotechnical engineering works subjected to static and seismic actions; prediction and mitigation of the landslide risk at small and large-scale
  • road and airport flooring materials, special flooring, Asphalt Rubber; damage modeling in bituminous conglomerates
  • organic synthesis, organic catalysis, supramolecular chemistry, functionalization of polysaccharides for biomedical and environmental applications.

In addition, the section works closely with companies, public and private entities from the world of Civil and Environmental Engineering, offering support services in various areas such as:

  • safety of reinforced concrete and masonry structures, geotechnical structures and infrastructures subjected to static and seismic actions
  • structures reinforcement with composite materials
  • structures and infrastructures design
  • safety of coastal and┬áharbour engineering works
  • road, railway and airport pavements design
  • quality of the built environment assessment
  • seismic vulnerability and seismic risk associated with the damage of the structures
  • hydrogeological risk analysis and mitigation
  • biomedical and environmental applications

The following researchers refer to this section:

  • Edoardo Bocci
  • Elisabetta Cattoni (Referent of the Section)
  • Fabrizio  Comodini
  • Michele  Culatti
  • Francesco Focacci
  • Lucio Melone
  • Giuseppe Roberto Tomasicchio
  • Evelina Volpe