a.s. 1990/1991 Scientific High school – “F. D’Ovidio” – Larino (CB)
Degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Rome “La Sapienza” – Thesis title: “Fatigue behaviour analysis of an automotive suspension arm”
Oct. 2001/Oct.2003 Scholarship L451/94 (CENTEF project), at Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. Rome. Scholarship thesis: “Use of CAD/CAE tools for the realization of an integrated design environment for hydroformed products”
2005-2008 PhD in Mechanical Engineering, at Politecnica University of Marche, Mechanical Department. PhD Thesis: “Influence of cold rolling process variables on surface quality of stainless steel thin strip”
Sept. 2007/Feb. 2008 Visiting scholar at The Faculty of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering Department Wayne State University (Detroit (MI) – USA)
Oct. 2009/Oct. 2010 Research grant at Mechanical Departement of “Sapienza” Universtity of Rome; SSD: ING-IND/14

My research activity is in the field of Mechanical Design and Mechanics of Materials, with a special focus to material mechanical characterization and modelling in quasi-static, dynamic and cyclic conditions. My studies concern both the theoretical and experimental testing points of view, and structural analysis by means of the Finite Element Method.
The characterization process often involves inverse calibration techniques, both analytical and numerical, of the most appropriate constitutive model present in literature. In many cases it was necessary to modify the model to adapt it to the particular material characteristic studied.

Principali Pubblicazioni:

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