Dr Luca Cioccolanti got his PhD in Energetics in 2014 at Università Politecnica delle Marche. He was Assistant Professor of “Energy systems” at Ecampus University in the period 2015-2020. Since May 2020 he is Associate Professor in the same scientific sector. He participated in setting up and development of structures and syllabuses for a number of modules on energy topics in overseas Universities being involved and supporting the coordination of two CBHE Erasmus+ projects. Since 2019 he is coordinator of the CBHE Erasmus+ project ‘Skybelt’.
His research activity is mainly focus on modelling distributed energy systems using renewable energy sources. Since September 2016 he is also partner coordinator of the EU funded H2020 ‘Innova Microsolar’ project.

Dr. Luca Cioccolanti’s research acitivity is mainly focused on the design and development of innovative energy conversion systems powered by renewable sources for residential applications. In particular, solar concentrated technologies (both thermal and electrical) and Organic Rankine Cycle systems for the recovery of medium-low temperature heat are investigated in detail.
The research activity led to the design and construction of several prototypes and in particular to the development of a series of mathematical models useful for their re-engineering and optimization.


Recent publications:

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