Giovanni Biancini graduated in Commerce (ITCG) at the Technical School of Senigallia (ITCG) with 100/100 in 2013. He enrolled Mechanical Engineering at the Marche Polytechnic University, obtaining both the bachelor and the master’s degree (thermomechanical curriculum), the latter with the evaluation of 110/110 cum laude discussing the thesis “Comparison between common sizing criteria of separation systems and CFD modeling” in 2018. After a working period in the Oil & Gas sector as a Pipeline Engineer, Giovanni participated and won in the 2020 the call for the XXXVI Doctorate cycle of Applied Sciences to Well-being and Sustainability at the e-Campus Telematic University, presenting a research project aimed at environmental and energy sustainability of waste management systems.

The research project of the Ph.D. Giovanni Biancini focuses on the energy and the environmental optimization of municipal solid waste treatment through the study of data collected directly from a case study scenario. The methodology for the environmental impact assessment is that of the Life Cycle Assessment, regulated by the ISO 14040: 2006 / ISO 14044: 2006 standards to be coupled with the research of enhanced solutions, such as gasification of refuse derived fuels in integration of power production, leachate treatment with algae and use of other renewable sources.