Chiara Paoletti is Professor for the scientific disciplinary sector ING-IND / 21-Metallurgy, at the Faculty of Engineering of the eCAMPUS University since 2021. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Marche on 2017-07-28 with the vote of 110/110 cum laude, defending a thesis entitled “Mechanical and microstructural evaluation of the ECAP process, with and without cryogenic treatment, in Aluminum Alloys”. She PhD in Industrial Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering-Univpm in 2021, with a thesis entitled “Analysis of the creep behavior of alloys with CFC structure: Development of a model based on physical parameters”. She is still an active part of the Metallurgy research group at Univpm.

The research project of the Ph.D. Giovanni Biancini focuses on the energy and the environmental optimization of municipal solid waste treatment through the study of data collected directly from a case study scenario. The methodology for the environmental impact assessment is that of the Life Cycle Assessment, regulated by the ISO 14040: 2006 / ISO 14044: 2006 standards to be coupled with the research of enhanced solutions, such as gasification of refuse derived fuels in integration of power production, leachate treatment with algae and use of other renewable sources.


Main Publications:

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