ramin moradi

Ramin Moradi, is currently a post-doc at eCampus University in the field of Systems for Energy and the Environment. He has received the bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering-thermofluids and the master’s degree in mechanical engineering-energy conversion in Iran. Afterwards, he has worked in a petrochemical complex for about 2.5 years as mechanical maintenance and piping supervisor, attending and passing several industrial training courses including OHSAS 18001, chemical hazards (MSDS), quantitative risk assessment, piping, lubrication, insulation, etc. In 2021, he got a Ph.D. in Energy and Environment from Sapienza University of Rome.

His research interest is object-oriented modeling of low-grade ORC systems for WHR and CCHP applications. He is interested in testing and modeling heat exchangers, volumetric expanders, and innovative expanders to be used in low-temperature electricity production systems.

At present he collaborates within the context of several European projects namely Innova micro solar, BLAZE, and GICO.

Main publications:

  1. R. Moradi, E. Habib, M. Villarini, L. Cioccolanti, Assumption-free modeling of a micro-scale organic Rankine cycle system based on a mass-sensitive method, Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 245, 2021
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